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Stationerie Mix Media Brush Set Of 11

599.00 Incl. of all taxes

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Explore your artistic potential with the Stationerie Lite Mixed Brush Set of 11, meticulously crafted for versatility and precision. This comprehensive collection includes a variety of brush types and sizes designed to accommodate an array of techniques and mediums. From the bold strokes of the Bright 6 to the delicate touch of the 4/0 Spotter, each brush is engineered for performance.

  • Bright 6 & 3: Ideal for sharp, crisp edges and control.
  • Round 6 & Liner 2: Perfect for detailed work and fine lines.
  • Angular 4: Angled bristles for curves and crisp edges.
  • Filbert 4: Great for blending and soft, rounded strokes.
  • Petal 2: Unique shape for intricate details and flower petals.
  • Fan 2: For texturing, smoothing, and variegated strokes.
  • Wash 1 Inch: Broad coverage for washes and backgrounds.
  • Rigger 0: Long, thin lines and detail work.
  • Spotter 4/0: The ultimate tool for minute details and tiny dots.

Whether you are a beginner exploring the joys of painting or an experienced artist, the Stationerie Lite Mixed Brush Set is your gateway to creating masterful artworks with ease and confidence.

Works with acrylic, watercolor, gouache, poster, fabric, mix and dry media

Comes with Brush Holder worth 99 free

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