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Stationerie Aquapro Kolinsky Vegan Wash Mop Set Of 4 Matte Edition (Brush Holder Free)

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89 in stock

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Introducing Stationerie Mop Wash Set Of 4 Kolinsky Imitation Edition MATTE (Graphic color is for reference and could be different from original)

Elevate your artistry with the Stationerie Aqua Pro Mop Wash Set Of 4 – Vegan Kolinsky Imitation Edition. Crafted for water-based media enthusiasts, this set brings you four exceptional brushes from Stationerie’s New Gen AquaPro series, each boasting the beauty of Vegan Synthetic Kolinsky fibers.

In the world of art, watercolor, gouache, and ink demand tools that effortlessly blend precision with creativity. The AquaPro brushes, with their exquisite European Synthetic Kolinsky bristles, deliver just that. They’ve mastered the art of mimicry, providing an experience almost identical to working with natural red kolinsky hair brushes.

What sets the AquaPro series apart is its extraordinary softness and an unparalleled water-holding capacity. These brushes retain water like no other in the Stationerie collection, giving you complete control over your work. This not only mirrors the performance of natural hair brushes but also stands as a symbol of our commitment to cruelty-free artistry.

Inside this AquaPro Mop Wash set of 4, you’ll find four brushes, each designed for a specific purpose:

Size 11 Flat Wash: Perfect for blending & painting large areas.
Size 9 Traditional Wire Mop: Ideal for broader coverage & large washes while maintaining precision.
Size 9 Oval Cat Tougue Wash Mop: A versatile brush that strikes a balance painting large washes of paint while also creating more rounded edges.
Size 5 Round Mop: Your go-to for larger washes and bold strokes.
Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting your creative journey, the Stationerie Aqua Pro Mops – Vegan Synthetic Kolinsky Edition promises to be your trusted companion. Dive into your watercolor landscapes, create mesmerizing gouache illustrations, or craft intricate ink masterpieces – these brushes are your keys to artistic freedom.

Make the responsible choice without compromising on quality. Embrace the AquaPro series, and join us in gradually replacing natural hair brushes with cruelty-free alternatives. Your art deserves nothing less than the best, and Stationerie is here to deliver it.

Unleash your creativity with brushes that blur the line between natural and synthetic, and let your art flow seamlessly on paper. Upgrade to the Stationerie Aqua Pro Mops – Vegan Synthetic Kolinsky Edition and elevate your artistic expressions to new heights. a caption…


Introducing our premium European-imported synthetic brush, designed to provide an unparalleled painting experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this brush mimics the properties of natural Kolinsky sable, offering an affordable alternative without compromising on quality.

Key Features:

  • Kolinsky Sable Imitation: Each synthetic fiber is engineered to replicate the structure and performance of natural Kolinsky sable hair. Experience the smoothest, snappiest strokes with the responsiveness that artists crave.
  • Superior Color Management: Our brush captures and releases color just like pure Kolinsky sable. It holds pigment exceptionally well, ensuring vibrant and consistent application across your artwork.
  • Exceptional Absorbency: This brush is twice as thirsty as other synthetic alternatives like Stationerie aquasync and aquasync imitation bristle brushes. Its high absorbency makes it perfect for watercolor and other fluid media, allowing for seamless blending and layering.
  • Affordable Excellence: Enjoy the quality of a high-end Kolinsky sable brush at a fraction of the cost. Our synthetic brush provides the same professional-grade performance, making it accessible to artists of all levels.

Elevate your art with a brush that combines the best of natural and synthetic materials. Discover the smooth flow, precise control, and vibrant color application that only our Kolinsky sable imitation brush can offer. Perfect for artists seeking quality, affordability, and ethical options in their art supplies.


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